I’m Danya Joy, a Registered Nurse and Functional Medicine Practitioner who specializes in female hormone balancing and cycle mastery.

I believe that hormonal health is a foundational pillar of supporting our ability to feel alive, present and in alignement with life. Hormones can affect us in ways we are just beginning to understand. They influence our behaviors, our moods, our joy and our motivations. Having optimal hormones could quite literally change the course of your life ~ it did for me!

With deep experience in both acute healthcare as well as nutrition and functional medicine, my number one goal is to support women in becoming the best versions of themselves by befriending their bodies and mastering their hormones to work for them instead of against them. Whether you are looking to ditch painful periods, get pregnant or detox off of birth control, I offer services to support you with all your women's health needs.

Ready to harness the magic of your hormones?